About Fiberdelic

Yarn and fiber have always been part of our family. I partly grew up in the sewing studio of my mother. Entrepreneurship is in my nature as well. I have had my own company in corporate communication for some years now.  So after a lot of contemplating and arguing (mostly with myself) about all the reasons not to invest in a second company. I decided to stop thinking in problems, but in opportunities. Spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving and preparing fiber for these crafts is something I have been doing for years. I enjoy the process and have learned a lot since I started exploring the fiber side of the crafts. So combining my talents and expertise was kind of logical. All the external factors seemed right and Fiberdelic was born.

Fiber, well, that part of the name is obvious. I am a fiber lover. Delic, because my earliest memories of fibers, fabric and wool that I loved were linked to the word 'psychedelic'. My mother who is a seemstress, used to call all beautiful collored fibers 'psychedelic'. So for me, beautiful colors in fibers are, well you can guess: Fiberdelic.

I love to dye, experiment with colors, both in dyeing and in knitting (and sometimes coloring). It cheers me up and I believe the rest of the world can use some cheering up as well. I also would love to bring the younger generation in contact with all the joy one can get from crafting. It feels like they are spending very little time crafting and reaping all the benefits from making. So enjoy all the colors you will find here and join me on my creative adventure!

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